Link building basics

Today, link building plays an important role in successful SEO promotion, especially in competitive industries. And the need for high-quality, relevant, and authentic links is still relevant. However, not everyone understands even the basics of link building, let alone how to create effective backlinking strategies.
This guide from SEObanda is designed to help you learn and explore the basics of link building and get you moving quickly and in the right direction.

What is link building?

Link building is the process of getting external links to your website from other resources on the web. The main idea of link building is to get other online platforms to refer to your resource as a source of valuable information, content, or products. This shows the authority and importance of your website in your industry. The more high-quality and relevant links point to your site, the more likely search engines are to boost your rankings in search results.

Why is link building so important?

Firstly, search engines like Google use backlinks as one of the key factors in determining a website’s ranking in their search results. We believe that link building should be done organically and gradually with high quality links from reputable sources.

Secondly, link building can be the basis for creating collaborations and partnerships with other websites in your industry. This can lead to new opportunities for joint projects, advertising campaigns, and resource sharing. That’s why our specialists follow all ethical and legal rules for good cooperation with clients and partners.

Also, regular appearance of your brand on other websites through links helps to increase its recognition among the target audience. This contributes to the development of a positive brand image. Due to the trust created, organic traffic to your website increases, and conversion rates increase accordingly. Our experts say that when people see a link to your website from other resources, they may be interested in going to your page for more information.

Therefore, link building is an important part of your SEO strategy to increase your website’s visibility, authority, and performance.

How exactly do search engines use backlinks for ranking?

In order to build an effective link building strategy, you need to understand how search engines analyze backlinks to rank your website.

First of all, search engines believe that a website that is linked to by many other authoritative resources is more trusted by users. Therefore, they favor websites with high-quality backlinks.

Search engines also analyze the information and text of web pages that link to your site. If the content of these pages is relevant to your business, backlinks are considered more valuable and useful for your audience.

Lastly, search engines analyze the anchor texts used in backlinks because they can provide context and information about what is on the web page they are linking to.

Link building methods

We believe that link building is an important part of the search engine optimization strategy, which consists of creating links between your website and other resources through hypertext links.

Link building or outreach: posting links to your website on other resources such as blogs, forums, social networks, etc. For example, we may comment on articles on other blogs and include a link to your website in the comments or in the signature.

Link solicitation or crowd marketing: actively seeking opportunities to obtain links from other websites by personally contacting their owners. For example, we suggest exchanging links or posting guest content on your partners’ online platforms.

Organic link building: creating attractive and relevant content that will be of interest to other websites, which may lead to a link to your resource without prior agreement.

Link retention: It is important not only to get links but also to ensure their long-term preservation. We can do this by regularly updating the content on your website, which increases its value for other websites.


So, we have understood the fundamental concepts and principles of link building to be able to create effective strategies in the future. You should strive to get quality links from reputable sources, as it has a positive impact on your website’s search engine rankings.
If you still have any questions or want to create a high-quality link building network to attract the attention of potential customers and search engines, you can always contact SEObanda specialists and get a detailed consultation.