SEO promotion trends in 2024

SEO is no longer a simple information field in the early Internet era, where the main focus was on using keywords only in web page text and meta tags. In the fast and constant evolution of our technological world, SEO is a multi-faceted process that includes a large number of aspects from interesting content with keywords to a complex link building strategy. It has become necessary for all SEO specialists to keep up with the rhythm of constant changes in search algorithms and user behavior. Today, we’ll talk about how the world of SEO might change in the new year and how to keep up with trends with SEObanda.

Adaptability to mobile devices – better indexing

What have we seen in recent years? Most people use smartphones and tablets to find the information they need because of their convenience, portability and modernity. Because of this trend, Google began to primarily index those sites that have a mobile version. And if you think that’s all, then you’re wrong. Currently, it’s necessary not only to adapt your site for smartphones or tablets, but also to make such a version as functional and fast as possible when loading. In order for your website to rise in search engine rankings and users to be satisfied with your service, SEObanda can adapt your website to mobile devices that will fully reflect the aesthetics of your brand.

New content validation option

Until today, it was enough to adhere to the EAT criterion for assessing expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of content. However, Google introduces an additional attribute “Experience” in order to make the text more trustworthy to users. Now you need to write content that refers to reliable sources with quotes from experienced specialists or conduct independent research on a certain topic. SEObanda’s experience will allow us to create unique content that fits all criteria, and the text itself will leave a mark in people’s memories.

Voice search and Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)

Due to the emergence and development of such AI as Siri, Google Assistant and others, people’s requests have become more natural. Now it is necessary to correctly search and use spoken keywords or phrases. They should be longer and oriented towards human speech. Also, don’t forget to optimize content to meet audience demand. SEObanda specialists understand this need, so they create clear, simple and structured content for quick viewing by users and meeting their needs.

The role of video content and animation in improving SEO

Another new trend is the creation of video content or interactive media on your site. You can’t go past a nice animated banner that still contains useful information. However, you can’t just pick up a camera and start recording immediately. SEO analysis should be done to identify keywords, catchy titles and relevant meta descriptions for videos. This will help search engines rank your multimedia content better, and an attractive design will capture the attention of potential customers and increase click-through rates.

Transformation of backlinking

Google updated the criteria for detecting manipulative links, which drew attention to the quality, not the quantity of links. Ethics and quality of link building strategies for SEObanda specialists have always been in the first place. We understand that backlinks from highly ranked sites contribute to increasing your site’s rank in search results. This has a positive effect on the visibility and engagement of the target audience.

Search without further transition

Not the most pleasant news of recent years is zero-click searches. This means that users don’t go to the suggested results. Now, the good news is that the problem isn’t the relevance of your content or technical errors on the site, but the advanced functionality of SERP from Google. There is a solution to this problem, you need to create snippets that will interest the audience and encourage them to take action. Our specialists will be able to select natural keywords in your niche and organically insert them into meta tags and meta descriptions, so that the percentage of conversion to your site increases.


SEO continues to evolve in 2024, with new technologies and approaches becoming key to websites and businesses. With SEObanda, you can be sure that your SEO strategies are in line with current trends and maximize your brand’s visibility in search engines. Our effective solutions contribute to the positive development of your virtual space, making your business competitive and adapted to the requirements of the modern digital world.