The Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Overview:

With a series of complaints and allegations against Great Western Building Systems, the Great Western Buildings Lawsuit surfaced as disgruntled clients sought resolution. The lawsuit centers on issues related to delivery discrepancies, contract compliance, and communication breakdowns. Accusations range from failure to fulfill orders after receiving payments to delays caused by missing permits. For Great Western Building Systems, the litigation serves as a stark reminder to prioritize customer satisfaction and adhere to industry standards.

Background and Parties Involved:

The Great Western Buildings Lawsuit of 2023 involves multiple parties entangled in a legal dispute revolving around metal building construction and delivery. Great Western Building Lawsuit, a Colorado-based company renowned for steel building design and production, stands as the defendant. The plaintiffs comprise various property owners who availed the company’s services. Representing the plaintiffs, attorney Nicholas P. Hansen filed a legal claim against the defendants, alleging non-delivery of structures and failure to obtain necessary permits. The lawsuit aims to redress the complaints and provide justice to the aggrieved parties.

Events Leading to the Lawsuit:

The lawsuit stems from a series of events that unfolded, revealing issues with construction quality, refunds, water damage, and numerous homeowner grievances. Water damage in newly constructed homes raised red flags about the company’s construction quality and expertise. Homeowners filed complaints, seeking remedies for the ongoing issues and expressing concerns about the financial impact of subpar construction. During the investigation, evidence emerged indicating that Great Western Buildings allegedly failed to issue refunds or make necessary repairs despite mounting complaints. Additional complaints surfaced, pointing to structural damages and inadequate construction, further escalating tensions leading to the lawsuit.

Legal Issues Raised:

The Great Western Buildings lawsuit has brought forth various legal issues, including allegations of negligence, misrepresentation of material facts, bonds, and mechanic’s liens. Plaintiffs assert that the company failed to uphold the required standard of care, leading to safety hazards and construction challenges. Material facts emerged as a crucial point of contention, with plaintiffs claiming that Great Western Buildings misrepresented or withheld critical product details, resulting in unsuitable and potentially hazardous structures. Bonds, such as performance and payment bonds, also played a role, with accusations of non-compliance by the company. Mechanic’s liens were sought by multiple parties due to alleged non-payment or underpayment, further adding complexity to the case.

Court Proceedings:

The court proceedings involved a breach of contract case filed by Dustin Lyon et al. against Great Western Building Systems in the Maricopa County Superior Courts in Arizona. Representing one of the parties, Jorgensen, Brownell Pepin P.C. provided legal counsel throughout the trial. Docket entries meticulously documented the case’s timeline, creating an accurate record of events, evidence presented by both parties, and the judge’s responses. The proceedings aimed to adjudicate the conflict fairly, taking into account the interests of all parties involved.

Significant Rulings and Outcomes:

The case witnessed several significant rulings, including a decision regarding the non-refundable deposit made by the plaintiffs. The court carefully examined the terms of the contract and concluded that the deposit was non-refundable, underscoring the importance of reviewing contract terms carefully before committing. Additionally, the court ruled that the defendant had failed to meet the agreed-upon loan repayment terms, shedding light on the significance of adhering to such financial agreements. The lawsuit also scrutinized the provision of a lifetime warranty by Great Western Building Systems, revealing alleged shortcomings in fulfilling warranty obligations related to material quality and construction work.

Related Lawsuits and Disputes:

Great Western Buildings has encountered legal disputes in Aurora and Reno, including lease disputes and unpaid work claims. A clear and impartial perspective is essential when analyzing the company’s legal history and related cases.

Impact on Great Western Buildings and the Industry:

The lawsuit left a lasting impact on Great Western Building Systems’ reputation within the industry, urging the company to reevaluate quality assurance processes and enhance transparency in operations. The incident prompted other metal building companies to reevaluate their procedures, emphasizing meticulous documentation, compliance with building codes, and attentive customer collaboration. The broader industry benefited from this wake-up call, recognizing the significance of maintaining clear communication and prioritizing customer satisfaction to deliver exceptional results.


While the Great Western Buildings lawsuit has garnered considerable attention, maintaining a balanced and well-informed perspective is crucial. Great Western Building Systems continues its operations, and despite the lawsuit and complaints, the company remains trusted and verified, specializing in pre-engineered steel building systems. It is essential to consider the potential implications of legal issues on all stakeholders involved and approach such matters with a neutral and inquisitive lens. As the lawsuit unfolds, it will provide further insights into the complexities surrounding construction quality, refunds, water damage, and homeowner grievances in the metal building industry.